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A.J. Croce
Just Like Medicine
Selected Media Quotes

“On the star-powered Just Like Medicine, the younger Croce records one of his father’s songs for the first time. Joined by a band that includes Vince Gill, Colin Linden, the McCrary Sisters and original Swampers bassist David Hood, he unearths “Name of the Game,” turning the song into a modernized soul tune rooted in Muscle Shoals swagger and Motown strut.” —Rolling Stone Country

“Looking for a producer whose resume matched the album’s soulful focus, A.J. Croce turned to Dan Penn, producer of the Box Tops’ chart-topping hit “The Letter” and co-writer of songs like Aretha Franklin’s “Do Right Woman, Do Right Man.” Together, they created a sound rooted in the past but headed toward something new.” —Rolling Stone Country

“A.J. Croce revives golden singer-songwriter era with Just Like Medicine.”—Glide Magazine

“On his brilliant new release, Just Like Medicine, A.J. draws upon the smoldering, slow-dance brass of the heralded Muscle Shoals Horns, the unmistakable vocals of the McCrary Sisters, Nashville’s own Vince Gill, and legendary guitarists Colin Linden and Steve Cropper to deliver perhaps his most soulful album to date.” —Nashville Scene

“Swampy, bluesy, and a little dark at times. This album travels through some rhythm and blues, blues, rock and roll, and a little bit of country. A.J. creates his own category.” —Twangri-La

“… it’s not just a lot of blues touchstones, this album has a WHOLE lot of soul.”
—American Blues Scene

“Singer/songwriter A.J. Croce is a phenomenal piano player.” —AXS

“… harmony-heavy soul.” —No Depression

“Just like Medicine is A.J. Croce’s most soulful album to date.” —Americana Music News

“Adding to the gravitas are the musicians Croce has enlisted. With Steve Cropper and Vince Gill sitting in, Muscle Shoals legend David Hood on bass and Dan Penn (of the Box Tops songwriting and producing fame) at the controls, Croce has crafted a diverse collection of honky-tonk blues, horn-infused funk and piano-bar ballads.” —Elmore Magazine

“‘Full Up’ is pure Randy Newman, and there are overtones of Leon Russell, Allen Touissant and Boz Scaggs scattered throughout the remaining tracks, but Croce manages to make it all his own.” —Elmore Magazine

“Just Like Medicine stands as a Croce hallmark.” —American Blues Scene

“On his ninth full-length album Just Like Medicine, A. J. Croce puts his virtuoso talents at the keyboard and strong lead vocals on display in the service of 10 soulful songs that recall the sounds of Memphis and New Orleans.” —Rock ’n’ Roll Truth

“If 60s and 70s soul is your thing, you will fall in love with this album. “Cures Just Like Medicine” (Track 4) is straight up soul in the vein of Otis Redding.” —Twangri-La

“His most satisfying and personal album to date.” —COLORADO SPRINGS INDEPENDENT

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